Trucking Services

Our hand-picked trucking services will provide safe, timely and reliable delivery 7 days a week, 24-hours a day. We take pride in finding the best trucking solution to maximize your service needs.

Delivery to final destination will be managed in one of a few different ways. Swire Shipping will work with you and your warehouse to determine the best delivery option based on your specific needs.

These delivery options include:

Live Load/unload

  • 1-2 hours free stand-by while cargo is being unloaded
  • Additional time required for loading/unloading is subject to standby charges.

Drop-and-pull, or drop-and-pick

  • Single empty/loaded container delivered, and empty picked up within 48-hours.
  • Multiple empty/loaded containers delivered and picked up in cycle.
  • Performed on customer request, additional charges may apply.

Pre-pull service

  • Container removal from the port, or rail terminal to avoid high storage charges.
  • Store container(s) at secured facility at reduced costs.
  • Performed on customer request, additional charges may apply.

Trucking & Equipment Interchange Agreement

In order to be an authorized hauler of Swire Shipping’s equipment, or to be considered an active carrier, we must have a valid Equipment Interchange Agreement on file along with a current Insurance certificate and safety status review.

For more information regarding our Interchange Agreement, please contact our Truck Team.

Cargo Weight Guidelines

Swire Shipping offers guidelines for maximum container payload/cargo weights. In the event that any container received exceeds these guidelines, Swire Shipping will evaluate all options available to meet the road legal requirements. Any additional charges incurred to meet road legal limits will be for the customer's account.