Notice: Westwood Shipping Lines integration into Swire Shipping


Dear Valued Customers,

Following the Customer Notice distributed in December 2023, please be advised that Westwood Shipping Lines will be integrated into the Swire Shipping brand effective 1 February 2024. This integration will allow us to serve you better, with a more streamlined experience and broader range of services under one unified brand identity.

As part of this ongoing integration, several changes will go into effect on 1 February 2024. We kindly request for you to update your records with these new details in advance to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Legal Entity Name

    With effect from 1 February 2024, our legal entity name will change:

    Former Entity Name New Entity Name
    Westwood Shipping Lines, Inc. Swire Shipping US Inc.

    This change of name will not involve any modifications to the nature and structure of the company, nor will it in any way affect existing relations with customers, partners, suppliers, financial management, manufacturing, contracts, personnel and/or shareholders. We can also confirm that the name change will not affect the validity or enforceability of any of the existing contracts we have with our customers and vendors, and it will consequently not be necessary to execute new contracts and/or addenda to these existing contracts. As such, we expect the change to be seamless and there should not be any disruption to our relationship or our services.

  2. Email domains

    The existing email domain will be changed from to To facilitate a seamless switch to our new email addresses, there will be a temporary period of 12 months where emails sent to old addresses will be automatically forwarded and a reminder will also be sent to redirect your emails to the new email addresses (

  3. Office contact details

    Our North America office address will remain unchanged:
    Swire Shipping US Inc.
    1019 39th Avenue SE, Suite 210
    Puyallup, WA 98374

  4. Telephone contact details

    There will be no changes to existing telephone numbers. The main switchboard will remain (1) 253 200 3800.

  5. Bank account details

    Our bank account name and details will be updated. Please remit future payments to:

    Account name: SWIRE SHIPPING US INC.
    Account number: 138110590385
    Routing number ACH/EFT: 125000024
    Routing number DOM. WIRES: 026009593

  6. Website – Swire Shipping North America

    We will be launching a newly redesigned website for Swire Shipping North America, offering a streamlined interface, optimized user navigation, and an overall enhanced user experience. The new website will be accessible at

  7. We appreciate your continued support. Should you have any questions, please contact your local Swire Shipping representative.