Westbound and Eastbound — Diversion Charge Update


Customer Notice

WESTBOUND and EASTBOUND — Exports and Imports from/to North America
Updated Diversion Charges

Dear Valued Customer:

Westwood is providing advance notification of an increase to the diversion charges applicable to all Westbound and Eastbound cargos from/to North America.

The changes applies to all shipments moving under Service Contracts, Freight Agreements, or Tariff rates, and is based on date of cargo receipt at B/L origin:

Diversion Charges Expiring March 20th 2021:
Timing Requirement: 48 hours prior to arrival at discharge port
Cost per B/L: US$200.00
Cost per Container after 48 hours: US$200.00
Cost per W/M: US$5.50

Diversion Charges Effective March 21st 2021:
Timing Requirement: 72 hours prior to arrival at discharge port
Cost per B/L: US$460.00
Cost per Container after 72 hours: US$125/container OR US$460/OBL (whichever is greater)
Cost per W/M: US$10.50

To access the complete rules, please visit our website at wsl.com. Westwood thanks all our customers for your understanding and continued business support.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact your Westwood Sales Manager or Customer Service Specialist at:

1-800-621-4371 Imports
1-800-220-9752 Exports