Eastbound Fuel Adjustment Factor – 2018 1st Quarter


Customer Notice

Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF)

EASTBOUND - Asia to North America

Valued Westwood Customer,

Please note below Westwood Shipping Lines Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF) effective January 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018 . The Fuel Adjustment Factor incorporates the components of Bunker, both IFO-380 and the new 0.1% Low Sulfur Fuel component, and the Intermodal Fuel Surcharge, and is separated by West Coast Local and Inland Point Intermodal/Mini Land Bridge destinations.

The following FAF charge is applicable to all Service Contract, CFA, and Tariff rates as follows:

Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF) 01/01/18 - 03/31/18: LOCAL  
PC20, TK20, OT20 USD$ 255 Expiring Dec 31 2017 $ 222/unit
PC40, FR40, OT40 USD$ 319 Expiring Dec 31 2017 $ 278/unit
HC40 USD$ 359 Expiring Dec 31 2017 $ 313/unit
W/M USD$ 15 Expiring Dec 31 2017 $ 13 w/m

Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF) 01/01/18 - 03/31/18: IPI/MLB  
PC20, TK20, OT20 USD$ 471 Expiring Dec 31 2017 $ 401/unit
PC40, FR40, OT40 USD$ 535 Expiring Dec 31 2017 $ 457/unit
HC40 USD$ 575 Expiring Dec 31 2017 $ 492/unit

For additional information on the Emissions Control Area requirements please visit Westwood Shipping Lines at www.wsl.com. Tables used to determine FAF amounts can be found in Westwood's tariff rules.

Westwood thanks all of our customers for your understanding and continued business support.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact your Westwood Sales Manager or Customer Service Specialist at 1-800-621-4371