Westbound from USA – Chassis Provision Changes


August 5, 2015

Westwood Shipping Lines Announcement
Westbound from USA Chassis Provision Changes
For Merchant Haulage (MH or CY delivery) Shipments
Effective: October 1, 2015.

Dear Valued Customers and Vendors,

Effective October 1, 2015, Westwood Shipping Lines (WSL) will gradually implement a revised chassis program for Merchant Haulage (MH, also called CY) shipments throughout the USA. As part of our new chassis program, Westwood will no longer provide chassis for MH shipments. There will be no change to the chassis provision for Carrier's Haulage (CH or door pickup) shipments - WSL will still provide.

If truckers so desire they may use their own chassis, or contract with any of the chassis leasing companies listed at the end of this announcement. Chassis flip charges are for the account of cargo.

A revised tariff rule will be in effect starting October 1st, 2015: In summary, this rule states that if account chooses to have WSL supply a standard chassis for their CY move in a location where WSL has discontinued providing chassis, the Chassis Usage Charge (CUC) will be applied at $120 per chassis unit. This rule is outlined in FMC29 and MRS-EX-001 Rule 021-5 for USA to Asia. If CY customer chooses to have WSL provide the chassis, the free-time for the chassis will follow WSL’s detention free time rule (7 calendar days free). After free-time expires, detention charges will apply.

In order to achieve chassis pool synergy and avoid additional operational costs (such as chassis flips or splits) we recommend that you make arrangements with the same chassis providers that Westwood uses in each location. WSL currently uses TRAC Intermodal for locations listed below.

Please find the implementation schedule by region below:

Month Container Out-gate Date At Below Locations WSL's Current Chassis Pool Name
October 10/1/2015 Atlanta & Jacksonville SATC
October 10/1/2015 Baltimore, Phila, NY/NJ, Mass Metro
October 10/1/2015 Marysville COTC
October 10/1/2015 Dallas, Houston TGRP
October 10/1/2015 St. Louis, Omaha, Kansas City MWRP
October 10/1/2015 St. Paul / Minneapolis TMNP
November 11/1/2015 Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Louisville Detroit, Nashville TMEP
November 11/1/2015 Memphis, Nashville, Huntsville MCCP
December 12/1/2015 Portland, Seattle, Tacoma TPNP
Note: For Detroit there are no changes to the current model; truckers will continue to provide their own chassis in Detroit.

To summarize:

  • This change only applies to CY (Merchant Haulage) shipments.
  • Door deliveries (Carrier Haulage) shipments are not impacted – WSL will still provide chassis.
  • If WSL provides a chassis for a CY move, the chassis receives seven (7) free calendar days, after which standard detention fees will apply.
  • Truckers can use their own chassis or contract with Westwood’s chassis providers in each area (chassis flips are for account of cargo).
  • This announcement only pertains to Westbound cargo from USA to Asia.

The following three companies are national chassis providers in the U.S.:

TRAC: TRAC Connect: https://www.tracconnect.com/

Flexi-Van Leasing, Inc.: FlexiDay Motor Carrier Registration: https://www.flexi-van.com/

Direct Chassis Link: https://www.dcli.com/

For further information please contact your local Westwood Sales Representative or contact Customer Service at: 1-800-220-9752.

Kind regards,
Westwood Shipping Lines, Inc.