Westwood confirms Sendai direct calling service

May 15, 2015
Mr. Yoshihiro Murai
Governor, Miyagi Prefecture
Ms. Emiko Okuyama
Mayor, City of Sendai
Mr. Hiroshi Kamata
Chairperson, Council for Sendai International Commercial Port Development
Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Dear Sirs and Madame,
It is with great pleasure that Westwood Shipping Lines announces continuation of monthly direct container and breakbulk cargo service from the Pacific Northwest of North America, to the Port of Sendai.
Prior to the Great Tohoku, Japan Earthquake & Tsunami of 2011, Westwood had begun regular direct calls to the Port of Sendai from the Pacific Northwest. Following the earthquake and tsunami, while we postponed direct calls for several months, Westwood brought this direct service back to Sendai as soon as possible providing regular service to many customers, and supporting re-building efforts in the region.
At this time, we are pleased to announce that the Port of Sendai will be included on our vessel schedules, with consistent monthly calling frequency, from the ports of Tacoma Washington, and Vancouver BC, Canada.
Sincere regards,
Tim M. Sullivan
Vice President – Sales and Marketing
Westwood Shipping Lines
cc: Guy Stephenson
Nobumi Suzuki
Grant Stewart
Jun Nomoto
Toshiaki Masuda
Sendai direct calling service