Terminal 5 - Seattle, WA - Modernization Project Proposal


Terminal 5 - Seattle, WA

Modernization Project Proposal

May 16, 2014

Dear Valued Customers,

In a press release today, the Port of Seattle and Eagle Marine Services (EMS), operator of Terminal 5, announced a proposal to relocate its cargo and breakbulk operations to Terminal 18 so the port can modernize Terminal 5.

Here is a link to that announcement:


While a final transition date has not been set, the proposal outlines cargo operations will transition to Terminal 18 starting in mid-June.

Please be advised this transition will not impact Westwood's level of service to our customers. We plan to continue operations without interruption. We will ensure this transition is as transparent to our customers as possible.

Westwood congratulates the Port on preparing for the future.

Please contact your local sales manager or Westwood customer service team if you have any questions or concerns.