Japan 24 Hour Advanced Filing Rules Customer Notification


Customer Notice

Japan 24 Hour Advance Filing Rules

Dear Valued Westwood Customer,

Please be advised Japan Customs has announced the implementation of Advance Filing Rules effective March 10, 2014. The regulation applies to all maritime containerized cargo loaded on a foreign trading vessel intended for entry or transship into a port in Japan. (Empty containers, platform containers, and FROB cargo are excluded for the time being.)

The rules require all ocean carriers to submit master bill of lading information and NVOCCs (Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers) to submit house bill of lading details to Japan Customs, 24 hours prior to the vessel's departure from the actual port of loading

** For JP24, the carrier cannot file the NVOCC house bill of lading data on behalf of the NVOCC, unlike the US and Canada 24-hour manifest rules **

To comply with our ocean carrier obligation to meet the AFR requirements, Westwood's documentation cut off will be 2 business days prior to cargo's last receiving date at the load port. Complete and accurate shipping instructions will be due at that time.

Cargo will not be loaded onto the vessel if complete shipping instructions are not received by the documentation cut off. Failure to comply with the AFR requirements may result in Japan Customs issuing one of the following responses:

HLD HOLD - Additional data or correction of data is required to complete the risk assessment of informed cargo
DNU DO NOT UNLOAD - DNU is applied to cargo when vessel departed from a port of loading without cancelling the HLD message

Westwood will automatically roll shipments if any of these messages are still applied at the time of vessel loading.

The following sites contain more information and FAQs on the Japan Advance Filing Rules:

More detailed information will be forthcoming prior to the implementation of this rule. In the meantime, please feel free to contact your customer service team for additional information at 1-800-220-9752.

Thank you for your business.